Alumni Network

The Somers Basketball Alumni Boosters are former Somers Varsity High School Boys Basketball players from the 1990s who collectively won two Class S State Championships, two North Central Connecticut Conference Championships, two North Central Connecticut Conference Tournament Championships and were in the Class S State Tournament Final Fours in the four consecutive years from 1991 to 1994. During this time, local businesses would often close and the fire marshal often had to turn spectators away due to over-flowing gymnasiums as the Town of Somers experienced its version of Hoosiers. In addition, these players also participated in the Somers Basketball Association recreational program as youth and are now supporting the Somers Basketball Association via financial donations. They are giving back to the next generation of Somers youth to enjoy their own basketball experience and have collectively raised over $7,000 for the Somers Basketball Association. The Somers Basketball Association would like to thank the following alumni for their financial support of our program.

Somers Boys Varsity Basketball Coach 1989 – 1998
Coach John and Mary Ellen Bridge

Class of 1990
Derek Upson

Class of 1993
Glen Helberg
Joe Radziewicz
David Ziomek

Class of 1994
Sean Tabb
Jeff Klein
Carl Stebbins

Class of 1996
Jeff Paduch

Class of 1997
David Tyler, Jr.
Colin Tabb
Justin Dymek

Class of 1998
Matt Griffin

Class of 2001
David Acker